Entry #002 - 08/17/2014

Sorry, i kinda gave up already, i tried to improve my overall Style, but it seems my Perception is kinda weird.

I can build up what i want to draw in my Mind, but when i try to draw it on Paper, it turns into a hilarious Mess.

And since i was always afraid of Failures, i simply can not post my Stuff.

Lets just say, i am a Person who is so afraid of doing something wrong, that  i can not even post my Failures on Tumblr.

I just dont have trust in my Abilities anymore and i am already at my lowest Point.

I am well aware, that most people are Angry and frustrated for not seeing any Art on this Blog.. or not being able to take the URL for themselfs.

Well, i would had been glad if the original Owner had not vanished suddenly without a Word, maybe Suicide was involved, i could never find out the Cause of her Disappearance.

Many people told me, that i should not try to impersonate the Style of the Previous Owner, but to me, it was so unique that i really wanted to copy it.

I for myself feel already sad and depressed for not being able to bring you any Art, i had a harsh Time on Deviantart years Ago, because i was not able to bring the utmost perfect Drawings that everyone seemed to want from a Beginner like me.

People, do not worry, i see your Questions and read them, but like i said, i am not confident enough to produce any Drawn Answer in fear of being laughed at.

In the Real World of course, everyone thinks i am wasting Time on everything that i love.

I am pretty close of vanishing from this World like the Previous Owner, i simply have enough.

That is all.

Love, AskPinkie-Pie